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"She’s honestly the girl you don’t see coming at first. 
She’s the only girl you find yourself wanting to try for.
You’ll find yourself remaining soft for her no matter how hard life gets.

Even when you’ve built your strong exterior she’ll be the one who can see right through it. 
She knows exactly how to crumble every wall you build.
You’ll still find yourself craving her. 
Even when she’s a chaotic storm herself. 
You find yourself storm chasing into the unknown because she’s the one who makes you feel safe when your mind is raging and confused.

She’ll be your calm. 
In her eyes, you’ll find beyond them lies a familiar soul.
And that’s why she’s different than every other girl.
I want nothing more than to be able to take her hand and guide her through showing her how to love again. 
Just like she taught me to remain open and soft. 
Good things do come to good people. 
And I believe she’s one of them even if she’s not mine."

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